It’s Been a Bit

In 2015 my husband was laid off from a very well paying job in the oil/gas industry. The layoff hit us like a ton of bricks and sent us reeling. A family member offered us a place to stay and would give us the house and land, no charge. The only stipulation was we had to move to a different state. We felt like God was opening a door for a change for us so we went. Long story short, after a year there we decided God was calling us back home. We had many pluses for staying where we were. My husband had a job. We had a house. We had friends, and we were in an excellent school system. However, we still felt like we needed to go home. We needed to be within an hour drive of Texas Children’s Hospital for Chris’ EOE. We needed to be around family to help when medical emergencies popped up, which they tend to do, but most importantly, we wanted to go home.

We took a leap of faith and packed everything into a U-haul in the pouring rain, moved 7 people back home and into a tiny 2 bedroom house with my mother in law. My husband had no job prospects lined up, but had some ideas of what he could do. We had a decent savings and by living with my MIL, saved money. Within 2 months, he had an amazing job opportunity, making much more than he was making before, we had a really nice rental house and a brand new vehicle. It’s funny how things fall into place when they’re supposed to.

Now it’s almost 2017, and I can look back with certainty and know moving back home was the right thing to do. We are still established patients with the EOE clinic at Texas Children’s and with his allergist. He is seeing a world class ENT to help with his ears. The kids are in a small town, great schools, and thriving. We are still having tons of medical problems and diagnosis and unknowns, but I feel more confident knowing we are seeing the doctors at Texas Children’s.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. I have more updates, but for now this will do.

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