Why We Homeschool

Pulling the kids from school was not an easy decision. When we moved to this new area of Houston, we picked it knowing the school system had good ratings. We figured “heck, why not try?! See how it goes.” I sat down and had a meeting with the principal of Chris’ school, on their request, so they could know exactly what was needed for Chris. At that meeting, I told them about how much school he would miss due to his illnesses and his EOE. They reassured me it would be no problems. He had doctor’s appointments for his ears, missed school, and I provided doctor’s notes. When he missed a week of school for his surgery, I let them know as soon as it was scheduled that he would miss school, and reminded them again the day of surgery. (It would have been a few days before but it was Christmas break, and nobody there to inform.) Yet, I still was receiving phone calls about his absences, threatening truancy despite medical problems and doctor’s notes.

Ray, my oldest, was being bullied by a group of kids. At first, it wasn’t a huge deal because it was just lunch and everyone was busy eating so it was easily ignored. Then schedule changes happened, and he was suddenly in multiple classes with these boys, plus lunch, and the bullying was non stop. I informed the counselor, the teachers knew but the kid kept doing it. He was making himself physically sick. The AP called and said they weren’t going to let him go on to 8th grade because of all of the days he missed and that’s when we decided we were done. We pulled all of the kids.

Yes homeschool is going to be hard. It’s not going to be perfect, and there will be changes. I have to let go of my own expectations of what I want my day to look like, and know that I have to find curriculum to fit their learning styles rather than try to fit them into the same peg that public school does. Do I think public school is horrible? No. I don’t. It just doesn’t work for my family right now, and that’s okay. I had been feeling like I was being called to homeschool. I knew that public school wasn’t the best fit for them, but I promised my husband I would try. We tried. I knew it wasn’t the best for them, and I knew God was working to make whatever was best for our family to happen.

So here I go. Mama to 5 boys, all with different needs, different abilities. Homeschooling, while my husband drives his truck across the country.

Pray for me?

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