Lots of Pork

I’m meal planning. I started meal planning to help save money, then didn’t meal plan as much because I was being lazy and wanted convenience foods. Now I’m back to meal planning. I have to do this to know what Chris can eat all week. I try to make enough so he will have left overs for lunch, but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

This week’s meal plan, from Saturday to Saturday:

Saturday- Pork fried rice

Sunday- Ham, (going to try this recipe), mashed potatoes (dairy free), green beans

Monday- Pork chops, butter noodles, broccoli

Tuesday- Pork Tacos (ground pork), rice and beans (in instant pot)

Wednesday- Pork Loin, potatoes, broccoli

Thursday- Pork meatloaf, rice, pintos (instant pot)

Friday- Breakfast for dinner

Saturday- shrimp pasta (chicken for other boys)

Sunday- Baked fish (Tilapia), chicken (for kids), roasted potatoes and broccoli

It’s a good thing we like pork, right? I’m not a fish person, but if my baby needs to eat it, I’ll suck it up and try it with him. Stay tuned for the results. I plan on putting my trusty instant pot to work this week!

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