Small Victories

Zach, 9.5, is my puzzle. He has ADHD, ODD, SPD and HFA. What that all means is that he is high functioning Autistic (Asperger’s) and has ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder and sensory processing disorder. These diagnoses make him sound like a hard kid to handle. Yes he has his moments, and when he was younger it was SO hard, but with age he has gotten better. He is able to self regulate better and communicate better to tell me what he needs. We have learned his triggers, and what helps calm him down. He does spin, bounce, and hand flap. Sometimes he baby talks and sometimes he screams at me and tells me how horrible I am. Some nights he wants nothing to do with anyone and falls asleep across the house. Others, he comes into my room and says he wants to be close and then falls asleep in a clothes basket (true story happening right now). That’s the fun of Zach. You never know which side of him you’ll get.

Not only does he have ADHD but he is also gifted. A child who has problems focusing and self regulating, who is also extremely smart is definitely a puzzle. Public school was not working for my puzzle anymore. He was starting to fail. He was miserable. He wasn’t learning. We were expecting a child who is definitely exceptional to fit into a mold. It wasn’t working.

I just logged into the boys’ online school system and checked their grades. Yes, it was day 1, but Zach has a 100. He sat there for an hour and a half, did 16 science lessons (whoops) and enjoyed every minute. I love that he was able to get up and walk or bounce or spin whenever he needed to get energy out. The best part? He actually likes it. I’m going to get him a desk chair so he can spin and bounce on that, but for tonight I’m celebrating a small victory.

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