Sneak Attack

This week has been really difficult in Chris’ world. The allergens in the environment are getting to high levels, and we are in the midst of his food elimination diet, so he’s been melting down a lot. Thursday night his eyes were so swollen that I gave him Benadryl because I wasn’t sure if he was reacting to food or not. His asthma has been flaring more as well.

Today we had a party with some family, so we made the drive to the Austin area. We packed his lunch, some snacks, his special cookies (Home Free chocolate chip), and he knew he couldn’t have any of the food there. He had a great time. There was a bounce house and lots of kids. I didn’t see any of my kids for most of the time we were there. Do you know how amazing that was for me? I got newborn baby snuggles from my nephew and NO older kids bugging me. That alone made the 3 hour drive there worth it.


Towards the end of the party his asthma started flaring again. We did his rescue inhaler, second time today, and got on the road. His coughing never stopped. It wasn’t a normal cough, but his “exposure” cough. It’s dry, hacking, constant. It doesn’t stop. We got to Buc ee’s, used the inhaler again. The coughing didn’t stop, but it wasn’t as constant. Then we stopped for dinner, and the coughing was worse so I gave him inhaler again and Benadryl. Within 20 minutes, the coughing stopped and his color returned to his face.

I have no idea what he got in to. None. It could have been environmental. It could have been nuts or peanuts or banana. It could have been anything or anywhere, and I have no idea at all where it came from. This is the part that sucks. I try to keep him as safe as I can and it still happens. Something has to change, though, but I don’t even know what. I did everything right, and he still somehow got exposed to something.

For now, he’s asleep and his breathing is much better. I won’t sleep much, though, because I will be listening to him, waiting for it to start again.

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