When Ear Pain Isn’t Ear Pain

Allergy Season

In case anyone has missed the weather reports, it is full blown allergy season here in Texas. The cars are yellow. When the the wind blows clouds of yellow pollen blow down the street. We went to the park yesterday and my black flip flops turned yellow after walking through the grass. Yay pollen!

What this also means is that Chris’ allergies are so angry. I mean, the other boys are having some congestion, but Chris is having a really really hard time. The allergist on call called him in a new preventative inhaler, which is helping his asthma, but these blasted allergies.

He started complaining about right ear pain yesterday. He also is listening to the TV a little louder and talking a little louder. The right ear is the one we are repairing in a few weeks. Right now it just has a normal tube in it, but when he starts complaining about his ear hurting I know what that means. I know I should be thankful it’s not the left ear, which we just repaired, but I’m still angry and sometimes consider throwing something, because he just needs a blasted break from medical problems.

With him, ear pain means he’s pushing the tube out, or it’s already fallen out and he has fluid forming again. It means yet more problems and more hearing loss and speech delays. He goes for his post op hearing test on Friday, and I am so scared that they’re going to say the surgery didn’t help.

This is where I need the reminder that I have to trust in God, most importantly, and trust in the medical team. I need to remind myself that God’s plan is the right plan, and I need to give my worries to Him. This is where I struggle the most, trusting others, even God. I want to control it all, and I can’t, so I’ll just pray. I’ll pray for peace, for strength, for good results on his hearing test, and even better results for his next surgery. I can’t wait until this ear pain chapter is behind us, and when we can go back to ear pain meaning nothing more than a minor infection.

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