EOE Update

Eosinophilic Esophagitis Update

Whew, I’m so glad this is done, so glad.

Today we had Chris’ appointment for his Eosinophilic Esophagitis. This was our first appointment with the team since we moved away, and since he got diagnosed back when he was 3. It had been a while. I was nervous, because the GI doctor didn’t have the best bedside manner when I first saw him. I was nervous, because it had been so long. I had also received a pretty confusing email from the allergist this morning, so I was preparing to fight.

It wasn’t needed, thank God. The appointment went really well. The allergist understood that I was not under any shape or form going to try him on peanuts or tree nuts, because he has reacted to them before. She also confirmed that yes he is anaphylactic to bananas and latex. I will admit this part sucked, because I miss bananas, but it’s worth keeping my son safe.

The GI doctor didn’t dismiss my concerns that Eosinophilic Esophagitis is somehow causing his ear problems. He also emailed the ENT to try to do the endoscopy and ear surgery on the same day to try to eliminate how often he is put under general anesthesia. Once we get the endoscopy done, we will know if the elimination diet is working, or if we need to move to steroids or something else. He emailed the ENT as we were in the appointment, and included 4 other GI doctors who could do the endoscopy on that day and said we should know something in the next day. They will do their best to make this happen, as long as the ENT agrees.

Chris said it was a good appointment. He said that he liked the doctors. His only complaint was waiting and traffic. I am happy with it. I felt listened to. I felt like we were respected.

So, that’s our good update. I’m exhausted, so I apologize for this being short. I am going to put on my comfy pjs, turn on some mindless TV and veg for the rest of the evening.

Thank you for the prayers. We love you guys.


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