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Big Update

First of all I need to apologize for the silence. As most of you know, we moved in February to be closer to Kasey’s job. We found a house we absolutely love in a school district we loved, and we moved. We have a huge yard for the dogs and the kids, and we even have another swing set. Kasey also made 2 rope swings for the boys. They are so happy. The first few days we moved in, the backyard was under water because we had a ton of rain. The kids decided to make the best of it and dive into the mud and water. I’ve never seen happier boys or huskies.

Happy Yeti

Happy Huskies

However, Chris’ asthma has been horrible since we’ve moved here. He has been wheezing pretty much constantly since mid February. We even had a 12 hour ER visit where they almost admitted him because he was so unstable. He did a 4 hour continuous breathing treatment and that fixed the wheezing and we were sent home. We ended going back 2 days later because he was wheezing again and I couldn’t get it under control. From February until May he had multiple doses of oral steroids to help combat this. His X-rays showed the inflammation in his lungs, especially in his lower airways. He’s had multiple pulmonary function tests which show the same thing. We switched his asthma medications to stronger combination inhalers, and they’re still not helping 100%. He’s improved from where he was not on this medication, but he’s not 100%. His allergist isn’t happy with it and added yet another medication to try to help. We are doing more blood work to try to figure out what’s triggering him, and she’s positive it’s the environment around this new house or maybe something in the house. He also saw a cardiologist to check on his murmur. He still has the murmur but the cardiologist is certain it’s not in a  valve and just a benign heart murmur. We will keep an eye on it, especially since connective tissue diseases can impact the heart and other organs.

With all of Chris’ medical issues going on, I’ve slacked a little on the other boys. I realized that and now we are playing catch up. I got Zachary into the new pediatrician, whom I really don’t like and will be switching to a new one. They’re running a Rheumatoid panel on him. We are concerned that he’s always hurting in his joints. He’s not gaining weight at all either so we are starting somewhere. I suspect he has EOE, but the pediatrician wouldn’t send us to GI because he doesn’t have enough GI symptoms. Yes. I side eyed her. She also told me that in all her years of practicing she’s only ever had one kid with EOE so she doesn’t think it’s that. I looked at her, and said “You realize my other son, one of your patients, has EOE so now you have 2 and there is a genetic component.” So frustrating. Anyhow, we are waiting on those results for Zachary and they should be in any day.


Caleb, my poor Caleb, is having ear problems again. He’s had a few double ear infections since we moved in, and I finally got a referral to the ENT. We saw her the other day and she thinks he might have a cholesteatoma . If you remember, Chris’ ENT thought the same thing but it ended up just being a badly collapsed ear drum. Caleb’s ENT wanted to do a CT scan so we will find out the results of that tomorrow. Caleb was so amazing in the CT scan. He was scared, but he was so brave and held still and didn’t cry or scream. He’s growing and maturing so much.

I finally got Ben into GI and saw him last week. They are doing an endoscopy at the end of June to rule out or confirm EOE. He’s had many of the symptoms Chris had as a baby, and we just need to know one way or another. They did blood work on him, and he was the saddest baby ever at the end of it. When we got to Kasey’s job to pick him up after work, Ben showed Kasey his arm and said “They drew blood work. It hurrrttt.” Pitiful baby.

Now that I’ve bombarded everyone with medical updates, I have some non-medical updates. We’ve found a home church that we absolutely love. We have been going every week and it’s absolutely amazing to feel the peace and love of God and see how He’s working in our lives. Ray is learning how to play the guitar with his uncle at church, and he’s loving it. He’s so talented, and I love seeing God work in him as well. The other boys absolutely love going to church. Ben and Caleb talk about Jesus and God and how Jesus loves us and so does God. It’s so heart warming, and I’m so incredibly thankful that we have found a church that we love and where we feel at home. We have been back here for almost 2 years, and even when we lived here before we never felt like we had a home or a place where we felt welcomed. We have finally found it and God is working some amazing miracles in our lives.

Please pray for our family. Please pray for Chris that we can figure out what’s triggering him, and we can find a solution to make him better. Please pray for Caleb and Ben who are both facing surgery. Please pray for Zachary that we can find the answers and help him feel better. Please pray for Ray that he continues to grow his love of music on the guitar and that he can fight the anxiety and depression that plague him sometimes. Please pray for Kasey, and for me as well.

With Love,


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